Defective Products

Product Liability Law deals with the error or damage of the product that causes damage to the user. Product liability is a strict liability offense, the plaintiff just has to prove that there is a defect in the product, and then the supplier and manufacturer of the product are considered responsible for the damages. The court never accepts the clarifications of defendants which state that the user might have used the product in an inappropriate way etc. The claims of product liability are based on negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty of fitness depending on where the request originates.

Products liability, like personal injury, falls under Tort Law. There are state statutory laws, and the United States Department of Commerce has instituted a Model Uniform Products Liability Act (MUPLA) for voluntary use the states. But, there are no federal products liability laws.

Three types of product defects can incur liability for manufacturers and suppliers:

Design Defects; these are inherent flaws that exist before the product is manufactured.

Manufacturing Defects; Manufacturing defects occur during the products and construction of product defects in marketing. It may include improper instructions for safer use of the products. If the company fails to warn its consumers about the danger in the product, it can be sued for this as well.

The products liability litigation involves following categories:

Tangible products:

  • Automobile
  • Children Toys
  • Children Safety Equipment
  • Medical Devices
  • Defective Automobiles
  • Rollover & Crashworthiness
  • Seatbelt Injuries
  • Airbag Litigation
  • Defective Tires
  • Defective Guns & Firearms

Intangible Products:

  • Gas
  • Asbestos
  • Other chemical substance
  • Naturals e.g. pets
  • Real estate e.g. house or land
  • Writings e.g. navigation charts

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