Firm Overview


This all started by Mr. Adrew Sky who founded this firm, Sky Law P.A to provide professional law services to the people seeking lawful help in the cases like auto accidents personal injuries, wrongful deaths, and different others. Sky Law Firm, P.A has its mission to facilitate the people of Miami and Florida by helping them in their cases. This most trusted firm has some of the talented lawyers in the town.

Mission and Vision

Sky Law Firm, P.A has its mission to provide complete help from the first step to the last in the cases of Auto and Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injuries, Defective Products, and Wrongful Deaths. The firms possesses all the required and relevant skills, experiences, and resources in this regard.

Experience and Reputation

The attorneys of this firm are well-qualified and possess complete legal knowledge and experience to solve these types of cases. Our dedicated team has meaningful qualities and possess significant talent and passion.
We do what our clients expect from us to do by providing them the best possible solutions for their respective cases.

Practice Areas

At Sky Law Firm, P.A, our practice areas are personal injuries, auto and motor accidents. Wrongful deaths, and defective products.
Our team has handled a number of cases like airplane crashes, cruise line injuries, travel injuries, medical malpractice, car accidents, negligent security, nursing home litigation, and others. For more details, you can visit our Practice Areas Section.
We strive hard to help you get the maximum compensation for your loss!


We have served a number of individual and corporate clients from Miami and Florida. Our extraordinary ability to represent cases attracts clients to us. The customers know that we are loyal to them and we work hard to bring the best settlement and compensation for them. Our attorneys are available for the client all the time; we are just one phone call away from you. If by any means you are unable to contact your lawyer, you can leave a message with the management of Sky Law Firm, P.A., and you will get a call back as soon as possible.