Negligent & Inadequate Security

Negligent and Inadequate security comprises of personal injuries caused by inadequate security or negligence. These injuries encompass issues such as criminal assaults, rapes, robberies, and attacks. The reasons for these attacks could be an inadequate premises security or low conditions in commercial or residential units.

In cases of negligent security, the plaintiff who has been victimized takes actions against the owner of the premises where the problem occurred. In most cases, the owner has no control over the unexpected outside situation. The common law states that there is no duty to protect against harm caused by the criminal act of a third party. The owner of the premises can only be questioned if there were any loopholes in the security or when the predictable crimes did not take measures.

The term negligent security is used when criminal assault or robbery occurs at a commercial area such as malls, marketplace, hotels, restaurants, motels, parks, schools, office buildings, parking lots, play lands, etc. Usually, the crime that occurs due to negligent security includes strong arm robberies and sexual assaults.

There are three types of robberies; Strong arm robbery: theft by force or threat of strength, Armed robbery: a robbery by the use of a weapon and larceny: when a purse is taken without threat or any contact. A crime such as “purse snatch” may be a strong armed robbery, an armed robbery, or a larceny.

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